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July 18, 2017
Why Settlement Planning Is So Important - Ethical Pitfalls - Structured Settlements/Settlement Trust - Planning for Public Benefits Preservation with the Disabled (SNTs, MSAs, & Dual Eligibility)
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Daniel Alvarez J.D.   [ view bio ]
Protecting Your Client's Privacy Rights
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Yvonne Berstein CLA, FRP   [ view bio ]
Know Your Medicine
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Caroline Peterson RN, CP, FRP   [ view bio ]
Owning the Details: The Application of Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel to Medical Records and Chronologies That Will Enable You to Kick the Defense Lawyers' Butts and Get You a Raise!
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Kenneth Sobel Esq.   [ view bio ]
What Florida Paralegals Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law - Ethical Considerations
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Maria Torres   [ view bio ]
Knowing Your Jury - Conducting Jury Research
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Bonnie Sue Stark   [ view bio ]
The Role of the New Case Coordinator - Paralegal, Psychologist, Grief Counselor and Directory Assistance
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Claire Davis CP, FRP   [ view bio ]
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