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June 22, 2016
Lien Resolution with Medicaid/Medicare and ERISA plans; Medicare Set-asides and Obamacare Plans
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Jason D. Lazarus J.D., LL.M., MSCC   [ view bio ]
Ethics – Practical Application and Effect of the Tension Between Zealous Advocacy; and New Rules Relating to Discovery of Relationships Between Plaintiff’s Attorney Firms and Treating Physicians; and Relating to Discovery of Social Media of Plaintif
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Richard Burton Bush Esq.   [ view bio ]
Gaining a Trial Advantage by Maximizing Every day Technology with Your iPad and Tablet
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Vanessa Brice   [ view bio ]
E-Discovery Advances as Litigation Rules Grapple with Big Data
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John Hopkins FRP   [ view bio ]
How to Better Utilize Your Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness
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Brian G, Pfeifer Ph.D., P.E.   [ view bio ]
Powerful Document Management Software to Organizing Your Life – That You Probably ALREADY OWN!!
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Kenneth J. Sobel
Social Security Disability Claims – The Hidden ‘case within a case’ that Cannot Be Overlooked
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Luis Gracia
Spend the last session of the seminar hearing three different topics from FJA Paralegal Members
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Marianne Heuberger Carter
Yvonne Lesser
Bonnie S. Stark FRP   [ view bio ]
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