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June 22, 2016
Franchisor Liability: Lessons Learned
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Mark A. Avera   [ view bio ]
Using Electronic Medical Records and Audit Trails to Your Advantage
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Ronald S Gilbert   [ view bio ]
Bad Faith: What You Need to Know When Handling the Underlying Case
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Stephen A. Marino Jr.   [ view bio ]
Winning a Meningitis Case
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Maria Tejedor   [ view bio ]
New Ways to Overcome the Resistance to Amendment 7 Compliance
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Bryan S. Gowdy   [ view bio ]
Using Agency to Rope in Hospitals
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Sean C. Domnick  [ view bio ]
How to Prep For and Plan an Attack on Frequent Flyer CME Docs
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Stephen A. Barnes  [ view bio ]
Winning or Losing Your Case Through Technology for Mediation or Trial
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Eric S. Block  [ view bio ]
Mass Torts and Their Relationship to Your Medical Malpractice Case
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Joseph A Osborne   [ view bio ]
On the Inside: All There is to Know about What Occurs "Inside" the Hospital at the Time of an Adverse Event
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Stacey Yuskas   [ view bio ]
How to Daubert-Proof Your Treaters and Experts
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Thomas F. Slater   [ view bio ]
Keys to Preparing Your Client and Liability Witnesses for Deposition (Including Why It is Important in Your Case)
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Rosalyn Sia Baker-Barnes   [ view bio ]
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The Florida Bar
Total General Hours: 11.50
Civil Trial Certification: 11.50